How to look after your Caterpillar Boots

Scuffs, scratches, cuts, and dampness are your boots’ worst enemies – but how you maintain them will ultimately determine their longevity. City Walk looks at how you can look after your favorite pair of Caterpillar boots right here…


After wearing your Caterpillar boots for a while now and they’re looking a little bit off. Cleaning them would be a good idea. To clean a pair of Caterpillar boots follow the steps below

  •   Use a soft cloth dipped in a mixture of soapy water and white vinegar to remove stubborn dirt.
  •  Use a soft bristle toothbrush to remove any dry dirt (hard bristles could scratch the leather)
  •  If your Caterpillar boots are muddy, wait for the mud to dry then remove with a toothbrush.
  • You should NEVER expose your suede or nubuck Caterpillar boots to mud! For boots featuring suede of nubuck uppers, follow these cleaning tips:
  • To remove stains, use fine grain sandpaper and rub the stain in small circular. 
  • To remove light dirt, use a soft bristle toothbrush and treat with a nubuck cleaner.
  • Note that once treated with nubuck cleaner, your Caterpillar boots may look a little  darker than before.

Waterproof Your Boots

It’s said prevention is better than cure that’s why it’s prudent to take preventive measures. Start by purchasing proper waterproofing spray. If you are unable to procure proper shoe, you have options! A commercial leather conditioner can be used, leather oil is also an option, and for the thrifty among us – beaten egg whites will do the trick!

Once you’ve applied your preferred waterproofing agent, gently wipe any excess product away and leave your Caterpillar boots to dry. When applying your waterproofing product, be sure to pay special attention to where the leather has been stitched together.

Storing Your Caterpillar Boots

If your Caterpillar boots are maintained and stored correctly, they can last for years and years! Below are some pointers for correctly storing your Caterpillar boots …

  • Never store your leather boots in plastic containers or bags.
  •  Consider a shoe rack raised off of the ground for leather boot storage
  •  Ensure that your Caterpillar boots are stored in a cool, dry place. Moisture and humidity could shrink your boots over time and cause mould.

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