2 Weekend Getaway Must Haves for Madaraka Day and Beyond!

The countdown to Madaraka Day that falls on 1st June has already started – Don’t Judge me! you’ve  probably also been thinking about it as much as I have. Well, its just next week and for the first time in a while now the god of holidays got this one right seeing as it will be a Friday(Somebody say Hallelujah!)

I don’t know about you but I live for short holidays, and you should too because they’re fun, they break your monotonous cycle and most of all, they rejuvenate your spirits and all round aura in life. So when the gods give you a holiday that makes your weekend longer on one hand, you receive it with both hands and you get a way for a while.

When you do, take the stress of packing with these awesome shoes!

1. Seismic Merrel

Combining a feathery feel with impressive on-trail performance, the seismic Merrel is on our top list of Weekend getaway must have. Picture this, a day of hiking over 50km at Ngong Hills or at Karura forest depending on preference, enduring blistering winds through caves and and waterfalls woi woi woi. Talk about haven!

For only Ksh. 6450 this lightweight baby could be all you need to parambulate through an exciting getaway!

Get it Here: http://bit.ly/2nzMdC4

2. Blueslide Buckle

So you’re not the hiking type, let’s not blame it on your laziness and say that you’d rather have a peaceful relax session by the shores in Mombasa or Malindi. These pairs are not only comfortable to move around in but are also built for climates such as the ones in the coastal region. And hey! they look cute with beach shorts and just a vest.

For only Ksh. 5950 this baby could compliment your trip to Mombasa.

Get it Here: http://bit.ly/2nzMdC4

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