Four Simple Ways To Care For Your Shoes In The Rainy Season

The rains are here and more often than not this is the time a lot of us have to budget for new shoes. This is because most us are un aware of the best practices to apply when it comes to taking care of our shoes during this when there is mud and water everywhere.

Here are some helpful tips can could increase the life of your City Walk shoes.

For sports shoes:

 Remove the insoles and shoe laces. Mix a mugful of warm water and laundry detergent. Use a sponge to scrub the shoes. Wash the shoes with water and air dry them.

For canvas shoes:

Hold each shoe above the bucket and scrub the outside, including the soles, with a toothbrush or washing-up sponge. Gently dip the shoes in the water to wash off the dirt and continue scrubbing – avoid submerging the shoes entirely. Rinse your shoes with warm, clean water.

For leather shoes/boots:

Take off the shoe lace. Use a shoe polish brush to brush off the dirt and debris. Lather saddle soap or any other leather cleaner on both the shoes. Use a mild dishwashing detergent for finished leather. Use a soft, damp cloth to wipe off the excess soap. Condition the leather using a leather conditioner and air dry it later.

For wet suede shoes:

 Do not dry the shoes in sunlight or next to a heater. Stuff newspapers or tissues inside the shoes to soak the excess water and let it air dry. Brush off the dirt using a nylon brush. This will remove the grime as well. Use an eraser on stubborn marks. You can use vinegar or rubbing alcohol if the stains are too hard to remove. Protect your shoe with a suede spray and your shoes are ready to be worn again!

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