How To Choose The Right Hiking Shoes

When we venture into the wilderness, it can be for long periods and over some pretty rough terrain. Your feet are the ones doing the hard yards, so making sure that they stay happy is a top priority. With a pair of well-fitted, suitable, durable, and comfortableCaterpillar and/or Merrell shoes, you’ll be striding in your adventure and hiking on a high.

We drilled down what to look for in your ideal boot so your next outdoor adventure is a comfortable one.

Finding your boot type

To keep your feet happy, firstly you need to think about the type of shoe that best fits your needs. Will you be taking days walks on undulating terrain, or are you planning for a more serious trek that will see you on offbeat trails for over five hours a day? Typically hiking footwear can be divided into a few categories and each type tends to be accompanied by a varying set of features.


These will be low-cut around the ankle, typically with a softer, more flexible sole. Generally, these types of shoes are used for easier day hikes and travel. A shoe like this could come in a burly, full-leather model that is good for hiking and travel to cooler climates. Whilst others will be lighter, with a synthetic/mesh upper, which is more suited to warmer humid climates.

Citywalk recommends: The Caterpillar Raider Sport is a great all rounder trekking shoe. It is stylish and ready for adventure as it is lightweight and has a Contagrip sole, meaning that you can maintain traction on uneven and wet surfaces.

Merrel Choprock Hiking Shoes; For days spent on trails around water, this capable hiker is packed with considered materials that dry out fast, grip on slick terrain, and protect your feet from debris.

Light hiking boots/mid-cut

As the name suggest, these are cut higher around the ankle than a shoe, but usually just high enough to cover your ankle bone on the side. By wearing a boot compared to a shoe, you will have more support for your ankles which is particularly important if you are carrying any weight. A light hiker will usually be a bit stiffer than most hiking shoes, but still quite flexible. They are lightweight and good for a mixture of activities, from travel in colder climates and day hikes to easier multi-day adventures with a lighter pack.

Citywalk  recommends: The Caterpillar Urban Track Hiker Sneaker is a fantastic option for all of your rugged off-track hiking. it is a lightweight mid-cut boot which still provides you with great support, both for your feet and ankles. Not only is this style waterproof, it boasts an aggressive sole

Heavy trekking boots/high-cut

As expected, this type of hiking footwear is heavier, stiffer and higher-cut around the ankles. This category is for serious trekking and bush walking. This is the kind of boot suited to travelling over rough terrain, off-track and carrying a heavy pack for multiple days. The uppers will be well padded and the sole should not flex too much. This will allow for more support for your foot when walking on uneven surfaces.

Citywalk recommends: Merrell Moab Hiking boots. The boot provides you with great shock absorption and support when walking on hard uneven surfaces.

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