Leather Shoe Care Tips

Leather shoes are practical, beautiful and will, with luck, last you a lifetime, if you follow some simple steps to ensure you get extra mileage out of your designer shoes. So, what is the most optimal care for leather shoes? Whether they’re loafers, pumps or wedges, all shoes require TLC.

Leather shoes take the necessary form quickly, they stretch, and that is why experts recommend buying a size that is a bit small: after several days of use, it will fit ideally. To help the leather become more elastic, you can lubricate it with a wet piece of soap from the inside. Alcohol or paraffin is used for the same purposes. You can also buy specific products from stores that can solve this problem.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to give your leather shoes the basic treatment when they are new. Use a leather balm or neutral cream and shoe polish, but avoid buffing them to a shine as this won’t make your shoes “shine,” but it will protect them from drying out and cracking. Special leather creams will also protect the pores of the skin from the ingress of harmful salts or reagents.

Wipe your shoes with a dry or slightly damp rag after every wear. This will prevent the settled dust, which may contain aggressive substances, corroding the leather.

Dust and dirt degrease the leather, make it damp, stiff and uncomfortable for wear. Therefore, try to clean your leather shoes with a good cream of the right color at least once a week.

Wash your shoes with special soaps for shoes from time to time. It will cleanse all the dirt, spots and salt stains from the leather pores. It is necessary to dry shoes in a natural way after washing them (this takes from 12 to 16 hours). Do not forget to repeat the basic treatment.

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