Hey, Mom! Five Reasons You Deserve That New Pair of Shoes

Mothers are the superheroes of the world! Whether you have one child or seven, you’re worthy of spoiling yourself here and there with a fabulous pair of shoes. It’s called retail therapy, right? You deserve more than you expect and are a gift to your children — even the ones who are already grown and out of the house.

Let’s get one thing straight: Shoes for moms don’t have to be your old sneakers or worn-out flip-flops. Keep up with styling trends and the current fashion obsessions by relying on our expertise at City Walk


While we could go on and on about the millions of reasons why mothers are real-life superheroes, we narrowed it down to our top five.

1. You Get Your Family Where They Need to Go

Whether it’s on time or not, who cares! You bust your butt getting everyone dressed, cleaned and packed for every occasion, and that deserves a celebration. If you’re always on the go, spoil yourself with the Sky Walk sneakers by City Walk.They have all the style and comfort you need, whether you’re taking your kids to school or dropping them off at a friend’s house.

2. You’re Always Cooking

It may seem like a part of your daily routine, but it takes an insurmountable amount of dedication and love to prepare three or more meals a day for your kiddos. Therefore, treat yourself to a pair of Sole to Soul by City Walk. It’s a versatile wedge sandal that can take you from the grocery store to a well-deserved dinner out on the town.

3. You’re You, and That’s All There Is to It

Do you even need five good reasons to buy a fab new pair of shoes? You’re incredible in all things you do from the time you wake up until you go to sleep and everything in between. Express your style and personality by browsing our entire collection of sneakers, heels, sandals and more. Grab a pair of slip on heels form City Walk. They are a fashionable sandal with a unique boho vibe to match your spring, summer or fall outfits.

4. You Support Your Children in All They Do

From sports and art classes to band practice and school work, you’re there to back up your kids each step of the way. But who’s backing you up? We can guess it’s going to be these remarkable brogues form City Walk . They are the perfect platform footwear with and ridged outsoles to help you keep up with the hustle and bustle.

5. You Are Your Children’s Role Model

From caring for their every need and ensuring their safety to upholding a career and taking care of your home, you’re nothing short of Super Woman. Nothing screams a strong, hard-working woman like a sleek pair of pumps by City Walk. With a tall stiletto heel, pointed toes and rose gold accents, these pumps are your ultimate classy heel. You’re the one everyone will aspire to be as you strut your stuff and keep everything under control.

Treat Yourself With City Walk’s Luxury Footwear

From sophisticated, mature women to those who seek more style and comfort, City Walk has all the fantastic designs you need for any occasion. We work with top factories that produce exclusive collections for us in the Kenya and provide you with the best materials and latest styles. As a mother, you deserve a new pair of shoes, so shop today!

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