The Most Stylish Boots to Wear During the rainy Season

The past few months in Nairobi have been hectic and also frustrating,  It’s been nothing but Garfield and dogs(Hope you see what I did Here, otherwise Death to you die!) since March and there are no signs of it slowing down, at least perhaps until Miguna Miguna is allowed back into the country!

Let’s face it! There’s nothing’s worse than heading outside to brave the stormy weather while also wearing the wrong pair of shoes, nay, the wrong outfit altogether. 

It is so hard to buy an outfit or boots that will not only keep you dry and comfortable but also ensure that your Kardashian game is on 250 during this season  so I think it’s better if you fill up your closet with these pairs and have fun styling or incorporating it into your existing wardrobe. And City Walk has just the right pieces to update your “rainy-season” wardrobe(Please please, we don’t have winter in Nairobi).

Ladies Black Brooke Boots

  Available at Ksh 6200 ($61.84 exclusive VAT), this pair is a little snug around the calf, which is good for keeping rain from running down into the boot. They are ideal with skinny jeans or leggings just in case you want to keep things casual. 

City Walk Ankle Boots

Available at Ksh 6200 ($61.84 exclusive VAT), this pair is well designed, high quality, and comfortable. They are well equipped for long walks and look terrific in skirts too. Lest we forget, they are steel-toe.  We highly recommend you get a pair 

Ladies Black Brooke Boots

Available at Ksh 6200 ($61.84 exclusive VAT), this pair comes excellently in a variety of ways: the fit, the quality, the comfort, and the durability. I bought my girlfriend a pair for her birthday last year and they still look new, needless to say we’ve once had to run from local women who chased us down a hill on an adventure in Engutoto, Arusha in Tanzania(Don’t ask). They are ideal for hilly areas, and that 3 inch heel is a life saver just in case you’re walking in a flooded area

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