Put on Your Party Shoes for Christmas By City Walk Kenya!

Party season is here again and who doesn’t like to party? If you’ve already got your outfit, you’ll need the perfect pair of Christmas holiday shoes to complement your look. If you haven’t decided on what to wear yet, why not build an outfit around a super stylish pair of party shoes for Christmas?

If you’ve gone all out with glitter and sequins in your main outfit, you might want something a little more sedate on your feet to offset all that sparkle. If you’re more of a casual trousers and top kind of girl, then you could perhaps bring a little festive cheer to your overall look with a bit of diamante on your shoes. Whether you’re looking for skyscraper sandals or more practical flats, glittery pumps for your little girl or something a little special for your man, Christmas is the ideal time to buy your party footwear.

If you’ve decided to forgo a new party dress and go with your trusty little black dress because you know it makes you look drop dead gorgeous, then splashing a little cash on a new pair of Christmas party shoes is just the way to update it and make it feel like a whole new outfit.

Remember, your office Christmas party shoes don’t have to sit in your wardrobe all year long once you’ve bought them. Select with care and forethought, and you’ll have a new pair of shoes to suit all kinds of other special occasions throughout the year too. Birthday parties, engagements, weddings and proms all call for that extra special footwear, so you’ll certainly get value for money if you choose wisely.

What are the Best Christmas Party Shoes?

The best Christmas party shoes for ladies should:

  • make you feel like a superstar
  • be a design that you like
  • be comfortable enough to walk in from at least your car or taxi to your destination
  • be well-fitting enough to walk further than this if you’re using public transport
  • be sturdy enough to cope with an evening of dance floor moves if boogieing on down is your thing.

Don’t worry, there are plenty of styles out there to match this demanding wish list, at all kinds of price points. Here are some things for you to think about before you part with your hard earned pennies.
Don’t go for a style you normally would avoid. If you hate your toes getting wet, peep-toe shoes are not for you. If on the other hand you love showing off a great pedicure, then by all means try peep-toe sandals to complement your pretty toes.
If you’re normally more comfortable and confident in flats, don’t choose a skyscraper stiletto sandal. Walking in high heels takes some practice, and if you’re not used to them you’ll find yourself struggling to balance rather than strutting your stuff, and that’s never a good look! Check out your favorite fashionistas on social media and you’ll notice they’re all rocking the embellished flats vibe this season.
Embellishments can come in all shapes and sizes and add that little extra something to an otherwise regular shape of footwear. Cut outs, floral embroidery, velvet, pompoms, diamante, bows and glitter are all over flats, mid-heels, T-bars, wedges and stilettos, so there’s no shortage of designs to choose from.
Christmas shoes for toddlers and girls are adorably cute at party time. Girls’ ballerina flats are especially popular with mum’s who don’t want to put toddlers’ still-growing feet into heels, and many feature an additional cross strap to ensure the shoe stays firmly but gently in place. Older girls may want to go with a low glitter heel for special occasions. Glitter, gems and butterfly embellishments are all styles that little girls will fall in love with, and worn with a sparkly dress they give that real princess look.
Choose a color that will go with other outfits if you want to make the most of your purchase for the rest of the year. Black Christmas party shoes are always popular for that reason, but you might want to try pewter as an alternative dark sparkle. Nude or blush shoes will always go with everything and have the additional benefit of making your legs look longer so what’s not to like? You’ll be able to pull them out of your wardrobe for that summer wedding and they’ll still look just as fabulous. Silver shoes will complement cool colored outfits and complexions, while warmer colors and complexions always look spectacular with gold shoes.

Christmas party dresses and shoes are always a chance to shine, so you’ll want to make sure you’ve chosen with care. Many Christmas evening shoes can look like they’re worth far more than their price tag simply through the addition of some well-designed embellishments. Luxe details like lace, velvet, pearls and high shine metallic will give a dose of festive sparkle and ensure your footwear provides the Instagrammable talking point of the evening.
Try on your ladies’ Christmas party shoes with your dress before you go out. If you can take your dress with you to the shoe shop, so much the better, or order online and try out a few looks at home. Shorter body-con dresses look fabulous with metallic strappy sandals – either higher or lower heels will work. A more swishy dress with layers of diaphanous sparkly fabric, or a tutu style net skirt will suit block heels or a wedge. Wedges have a lot to recommend them as they offer some additional height while the larger combined heel and sole area offer more stability than a traditional stiletto heel.
What if you’re not keen on wearing a party dress? Wide trousers, such as metallic palazzo pants, are a current trend, and these pair well with Christmas glitter shoes. This combination offers glamour and glitz alongside a real comfort factor, and let’s face it, at this overindulgent time of year we all need that! There are no digging-in waistbands to contend with and you can choose a heel height to your taste because they all look great with this style of trousers. Try on your shoes with the palazzo pants before you go out in case you need to alter the length slightly – the end of the trousers should just hit the top of your foot. Christmas high heel shoes or glammed up flats will all suit this look. Throw on a glittery tunic top and you’re good to go. If you’d rather stick with a solid color top, you can still add extra jewelry or a pretty shawl to channel the festive vibe.
If you’re looking for new Christmas party shoes for your man, check first just how formal the party will be. Is it a black tie event where he’ll need a formal suit? If so, men’s Christmas dress shoes, maybe elegant brogues, will be the way to go. If it’s a more casual affair where dark denim and a shirt in a quirky print is more the style to go for, he can be a bit more edgy. Two tone brogues have that vintage charm while a practical Chelsea boot in black will go with everything while still looking on trend. Men who like to make a statement might want to consider some of the brighter colors that are starting to make an appearance in shoe collections for both men and toddler boys. Red, burgundy and cobalt blue are all colors that add something a bit different to an otherwise everyday casual outfit.

Can I Wear Flats to a Christmas Party?

Some of us wouldn’t even consider going out at all if we had to wear high heels! There are plenty of glamorous flat Christmas shoes out there, so you don’t need to feel left out if you prefer your trusty flats for a night out. And if you’re planning on being the life and soul of the dance floor, you’ll definitely want to check out the latest revved up styles.

Ballerina pumps are a cute and chic favorite that will serve not only as Christmas party flat shoes but for plenty of other occasions in the year too. They are the perfect style for creating sophisticated and subtle detail with pretty bows and bejeweled trimmings. You can find these in all kinds of fabrics – metallic leather look, suede in all kinds of hues, ditsy prints, laser cut out designs, animal prints, diamante straps and velvet with pompoms – the variations are endless.
If you’re determined to do flat shoes for a Christmas party and you just can’t live without your trainers, you can even find glittery and animal print versions of those too! These are great if you want to add a quirky style to your overall look while remaining totally comfortable on your feet all night long.
A little bit of embellishment really does go a long way and whatever style you decide to go for, you’re sure to be the belle of the ball (or the disco diva) as long as you’re happy with your final choice. Classic sophistication, quirky flats or glam glitter in excess, there’s a pair of Christmas party shoes out there for you. Party on!

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