My Favorite Official Wear at City Walk

Before I even get into it, can someone just join me and appreciate the month we just had in Kenya. I mean I can’t remember a better time to be alive and working a 9-5 job than this June. So if you’re reading from abroad basically what happened was, we had two public holidays each falling on fridays so you know what that means (finish with me Pa………No! No! SLEEP thats what!) but no, it was a good time for a weekend getaway hence the 2 Weekend Getaway Must Haves! post!.

Anyway, now since the next long holiday will be in october, how about you look at these picks of my favorite Official Wear at City Walk!

1. Roberto Milano Official Leather Shoes

Who knew classy would be spelled with a huge letter ‘R’, I mean just look at this beauty. Fellas this is how you walk into a female’s DM! nay, this is how you walk into a females life and make her feel like Meagan Markle. The real definition of walking the talk!To say this is my favorite is an understatement. Also this is always how I’ve Imagined myself in these!

2. Kenneth Cole (New York) Official Leather Shoes

I am not going to lie, I love these more than I love life, don’t get me wrong I’m a fan of oxygen but I NEED these to live!. These pairs are my favorite because of the print on the leather. You might as well wear them casually with jeans too!

3. Marco Ricci Official Leather Shoes

Somewhere near the Zambezi nearly 10 cows and two chupacobras died for this shoe to be manufactured. Ai! this is the spitting image of perfection stitched with a derby difference built on a soft classic chisel with facings of a Sweeney signature formal shoe. If Chewbacca was an adjective, i’d definitely Chewbacca these! 

PS. You can actually get these delivered right at your doorstep for no extra cost at all 
Shop them Here at Ksh 11,900 only!

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