It’s almost that time for the Kids to be back in school again for the new academic year. The stress and hustle of back to school is here. You probably need to get new shoes, bags, socks, and uniforms for your kid(s). We understand how stressful this period can be.

We at City walk are committed to making the entire back-to-school shopping process easier. We will discuss some key factors to consider in the search for the perfect back-to-school shoe

  • Design

The design is the main factor to consider. The back-to-school season makes design a key factor. Manufacturers usually come in a wide range of options and varieties. It is important to choose a shoe that meets the school requirements and expectations in terms of color e.g., black or white, shape and functionality.

Comfort should also be factored in when selecting specific designs because different shoes offer different comfort levels to the wearer. The interior should be soft without any rough patches. The inner sole should also be of smooth material and have a comfortable feel.

  • Quality

Quality is an equally critical factor. You don’t want a brand-new pair ruined in just a week or two. Good quality shoes are a good and worthy investment as they can serve for several years in some cases.

Durable shoes can withstand the use, pressure, and damage that comes with regular wear and tear. When purchasing the new school shoes, it is helpful to keenly access all the shoe’s aspects, from the outer sole to the materials, and the care required.

  • Materials

There is a wide variety of materials used in the production of different types of shoes, among them leather, rubber, and synthetic materials. The material determines the comfort levels, durability, longevity, and how well it will serve its purpose.

Leather is the most widely used material. It is a highly durable and flexible material that is great for both indoor and outdoor items. It offers the wearer a high level of comfort because of the luxurious feel.

Rubber is used for making the sole. It is great for school because of its flexibility and comfort. Certain school activities tend to be vigorous such as running, bumping into rough surfaces among others. The rubber soles are great for the extra friction, even in sport’s shoes. It is also very resistant to the elements of weather.

  • Size

The size of a shoe determines the comfort. It is important to get the right size. Poor fits are uncomfortable and make one prone to different types of injury. The best way to ensure that the shoes are the right size is to visit a trusted shoe shop like City Walk for a fitting. The sales staff are well trained to ensure only the right products that serve the clients for a long time are served.

Finding the right pair of shoes should now be a little easier if you keep the above factors in mind.

Girls’ School Shoes

We at City Walk recommend the TOUGH Collection which offers:

*Leather upper


*Great Price point


*Rubber sole

And is most importantly: Made in Kenya.


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