August is here, and that brings about the exciting wedding season. Suddenly, it seems convoys, brides and celebrations are popping up everywhere every other day and its wonderful and exciting. Seeing that we are living in new and modern times, things are constantly evolving. New trends are constantly popping up and taking up space. Lately there has been a new craze on themed weddings. Some may wonder, what exactly is a themed wedding? A Themed wedding is a wedding which is planned, styled and decorated to communicate a specific theme.

There are many different types of themes couples can choose to incorporate into their wedding such as travel, monochromatic, bohemian among others. A themed wedding is a great way for a couple to show case their personalities, interest and express their creativity.

Themed weddings are tricky to get right for both the couple and the guests. This can be especially challenging for guests because understanding the concept and idea the couple is aiming at can be quite difficult.

Today, we will share a few tips to help you as a guest to show up and show out for all the themed weddings you will be attending this season! We will guide you through some popular themes and how best to ensure you stay in theme!

A pink themed wedding
  1. Color themed weddings. These are by far the most popular theme within the country.  These are weddings where a majority of the décor, outfits and placements will either be a specific color or colors complimenting a specific color. This gives the couple an opportunity to celebrate the day of their union with colors they love and enjoy. Color themes often used include all white, Silver, gold and red. To honor the couple’s choice of theme, one should include the colors in their outfits. For example, if the theme is gold, these clutches would be a perfect addition to the outfit.
A Garden Wedding
  • Garden themed weddings. These are weddings that are set up in the outdoors. the wedding might be inside a greenhouse, at a park, in a gazebo, or at a botanical garden. Backyard weddings aren’t out of place, either. Butterflies, flowers, and greenery are front and center with this theme. They could even have vintage or Victorian elements, depending on the couples preferred wedding style. For the ladies especially, wedges or wide heeled shoes would be best. This is because, pointy heels may dig into the grass making you uncomfortable through the event. These wedges would be perfect for a garden themed wedding.
A Rustic themed wedding
  • Rustic themed weddings. Rustic country themes can be done anywhere even if you don’t live on a farm. This is one of the more unique and rare themes. An elegant rustic theme might feature decorated barns with chandeliers, burlap, lace and wooden elements throughout the ceremony and reception. For such a theme, simplicity is key to ensuring you blend in with the theme. These brown shoes would work perfectly for a rustic themed wedding.
A beach wedding
  • Beach weddings. A beach themed wedding is often dictated by the location: the beach of a lake, river, ocean, or sea. Lightweight netting and tulle with tropical centerpieces and flowers are often seen in beach themed weddings. For such a wedding, Sandals are the best shoes for both comfort and style. These sandals would be especially perfect for a beach wedding.
A Paris destination wedding
  • Destination weddings. This is a wedding that is located usually out of town at a specific destination selected by the couple for example Diani, Naivasha or maybe even Italy. The key to this is dressing in accordance to the specific destination. For example, if the wedding is located in Paris, as the fashion capital of the world, cute kitten heels such as these would work amazing!

There you have it guys, have fun at your next themed wedding!

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