The Holidays Are Here: Travel, Leisure and Sweet Scents to take with you on vacation.

You’ve worked hard through the first quarter of the year and now it’s about time you rewarded yourself with a well deserved holiday! Traveling in style is in our DNA. We guarantee that you will not only Walk With Style but have everything from the scent of a Saudi prince to the fashion sense of a trend setter.

Our trolley bags are a travel essential, crafted for the discerning traveler; the jet setter who appreciates convenience and class. We understand that jet lag can sometimes get you down, but with our easy and conveniently designed travel bags; we will get you to your destination stress free. Enjoy the light weight body and intuitive interior design with compartments that are unique and handy for your toiletries, cosmetics and clothes. What’s more, our unique wallets and handbags are a must have for leisure activities when you’re out and about, and not to forget, those exceptional pictures for the gram!

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