5 Benefits of Wearing High Heels

High heels are a timeless fashion trend for a variety of reasons, we can’t imagine a time when high heels are not a priority in the world of fashion.  At CITYWALK we believe that whilst some may argue the uncomfortable, often unpractical, side of these trendy shoes, they still have the ability to make women feel like the capable, sexy and confident creatures they are.

5 Benefits of Wearing High Heels

If you are still looking for persuasion, here in our blog we are sharing the top benefits of high heels and how they can work for you. Keep reading to discover the 5 benefits of wearing high heels that will inevitably change your sense of style for the better.

#1: Additional Height

The most obvious of the five benefits of high heels is the additional height. Every individual will have their own reasons for wanting to increase their height; a shorter, more petite woman may want to decrease the height difference between herself and a taller significant other, whilst a curvy woman may want to appear more streamlined and slender. Height has the ability to create a variety of illusions; businesswomen appear more dominant, formal evening wear appears more elegant and, obviously, short women appear taller.

#2: Improve Your Confidence

For reasons unknown, high heels tend to improve the confidence of the woman wearing them. With high heels complimenting a killer outfit, a woman feels more assertive, which results in increased self-esteem. Confidence is key to an overall improvement in all areas and we never say ‘no’ to a little confidence booster. You may find that all you need is your favourite pair of shoes to unlock the confidence you need in your social life, career or love life.

 #3: They Improve Posture

If you struggle with maintaining good posture, high heels may be the answer you have been looking for. This simple hack for good posture is an age-old trick that will have your shoulders back, chest out and chin up in no time. When wearing high heels, you are much more aware of your movements and may find that you tend to move with more grace and elegance. Due to the heel on the shoe, your back is automatically straightened in an effort to maintain your balance- once your back is straight, the rest of your body will automatically adjust the desired posture as a result, it’s that easy.

#4: They Will Draw Attention to You

If you enjoy being in the spotlight, high heels are a must. Studies have shown that a good pair of high heels is appreciated by both males and females. Males appreciate a woman in heels and favour the look, whilst females tend to enjoy admiring the outfits of other women, taking fashion tips and comparing different styles. A good pair of high heels have the power to instantly improve any outfit, resulting in all eyes being on you and your killer style.

#5: High Heels Display a Toned Physique

Whether you workout five days a week or wish you did, high heels have the ability to improve your physique. As mentioned in #1, high heels create the illusion that you may have lost a few pounds due to their streamlining effect. However, that is not where it ends. Show off your toned calves, elongated legs and boosted bottom. High heels accentuate the calves, which results in our legs appearing to be longer and more toned, as well as our buttocks looking a lot perkier. This instant lift and elongation are welcomed by most, who doesn’t love looking great without hitting the gym.

Get Your Perfect High Heels from CityWalk Today

A good pair of high heels is all it takes it to boost your confidence, improve your posture and attract the attention of everyone in the room. Find your dream pair of high heels today by browsing City Walk’s online store or visit one of our locations. All it takes is a good pair of shoes to change your life.

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